Real Estate Management Services

Unlike most “one size fits all” property management firms, Mountain Planet offers three basic service formats we can customize to your specific needs.

Full Service Property Management

Our full service property management option is the core of Mountain Planet’s business. This more “traditional” management model is for the owner who wants a property management professional to handle all the details and to deliver a healthy return. Here are the components of our full service property management option:

  • Generous revenue split
  • Timely monthly statements
  • Owner portal to view existing and future reservations and book Owner Stays
  • Property is available 24/7 on dozens of national websites
  • Advanced deposits held in escrow.
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • We rent and price your unit individually, not as a “unit type.”
  • Your unit is marketed specifically to your target market.

We will never pressure you to take on unreasonable capital expenses to create a so-called “gold” or “platinum” unit. All we ask is that you keep your property clean and well maintained. We love your unit just the way it is and, more importantly, so do our renters.

Mountain Planet Vacation Network (for by-owner rentals):

Self-rent is a growing area whose owners have a unique set of needs for their rental property. Our Vacation Network is a partnership between owners and Mountain Planet with the simple goal of maximizing property revenue. Owners retain control over unit pricing and inventory while they benefit from Mountain Planet’s user-friendly booking software. This software distributes real-time reservation data to dozens of national travel websites and thousands of travel agents. The Mountain Planet Vacation Network delivers unprecedented market access to national websites, central reservations and travel agents. Here are some of its most important features.

  • Access to nationwide travel websites with real-time, inventory for travelers to book your unit 24/7.
  • Reservation system for owners to easily manage all reservations
  • Retain 100% of revenue for all reservations booked by Owner
  • Block “High” Season dates for Owners to book exclusively
  • 50/50 split for all MPVN reservations. We pay all expenses.
  • Timely monthly statements
  • Create individual, personalized website for easy booking Owner booked reservations with a secure credit card merchant system.

Private Property Management

Mountain Planet is proud of our personalized owner services. We work directly with each owner to create a contract and scope of work that works for that property. No two owners are alike, so neither are our services and contracts. Whether you self-rent or you need personal property maintenance, we have the solution. Contact us for a consultation and a personalized proposal.